New Apt

The new place is awesome. I like the location, close to downtown and Zilker park and a bunch of other stuff that I haven’t had a chance to explore. The office is moving locations and will only be a couple miles from the new apt. I am going to try to start bicycle commuting into work since it will only take about 30 minutes on a bike. My chichi, pebble is going to take some getting used to the new apt because she hasn’t quite figured out that the people above us aren’t actually in the house. The first day was pretty bad she was barking at everything. Some nights are worse than others with her barking at stuff in the middle of the nights. We are working on it. So my parents gave me some money for new furniture, and that is getting...

I started this thing called AustinTechVideos

I run the local austinPHP group and have been wanting to start recording our meetups for a while now. Then I noticed the other groups that I was going to weren’t doing it either. So I bought a video camera and just started doing it. The domain is I have been talking with meetup groups in other cities and my hope is to build it a central place for tech videos on various topics. Right now I have committed to 4 local groups right here in austin and there are probably 10 or more groups that I could be recording. So if you goto a meetup where you live and are interested in collaborating with me on this project, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you....

Live Diggnation

I met Kevin and Alex last night and it was awesome. The wordpress party was cool, I met lots of interesting people.

PHP Meetup Talk on TDD

Jeff gave a great talk on Test Driven Development at the PHP Meetup on Tuesday. I thought I would post his slides here. Test-Driven Development on...

Presentation on Web Services

Here are the slides for the presentation I am giving at the PHP meetup on Sept 14, 2010.

Presentation Backgrounds

Made some new backgrounds for the presentation tomorrow.

StarCraft 2 Artwork

StarCraft 2 Artwork

Here is some of my favorite artwork from the StarCraft 2 game that was just released today! I found all of this on the Blizzard site here.