Viruses of the Mind

Viruses of the Mind by Richard Dawkins 1991 – source The haven all memes depend on reaching is the human mind, but a human mind is itself an artifact created when memes restructure a human brain in order to make it a better habitat for memes. The avenues for entry and departure are modified to suit local conditions, and strengthened by various artificial devices that enhance fidelity and prolixity of replication: native Chinese minds differ dramatically from native French minds, and literate minds differ from illiterate minds. What memes provide in return to the organisms in which they reside is an incalculable store of advantages — with some Trojan horses thrown in for good measure. . . Daniel Dennett, Consciousness Explained 1 Duplication...

State of the Union, What we REALLY should be doing in Iraq

Surge Upside the Head That’s what the Bush needs, a big surge upside the head. The president gave a speech last night to the nation about why he thinks sending 21,500 additional troops to Iraq is a good idea. He thinks this will stabilize Iraq allowing him to achieve is objectives for starting the war in the first place. Most Americans are opposed to this plan and democrats plan to block the funds required to send the additional troops to Iraq. So what are his real objectives? Get his friends rich of course! Bush and Cheney have strong ties to the Oil and Gas industry. Haliburton the company that Cheney used to be in charge of and continues to receive financial compensation from, received 3.9 billion in no bid contracts during which time 1.8 billion was...

Space Ballad called “Spacewalker”

Nihar Patel’s hobby is singing-songwriter apart from job at NPR News. Apparently as homage to the Discovery STS-116 mission he wrote a song. The lyrics and vocals are from Mr. Patel and the music is from The Alan Parsons Project. The title of the song is L’morte du Spacewalker, which means in French The Dead of Spacewalker … um ok. Source: BoingBoing Download

Green Advertising Trends for 2007

One of the world’s largest advertiser released a list that contains what they think are going to be the top 70 coolest products, services and trends. On the list there are a number of green related things listed among the following: Hydrogen fuel cells, Biodesiel Buses, environmental causes, green buildings / companies and energy saving light bulbs. Source: Autobloggreen, Treehugger

Silicon Optical Communications

IBM has built a device that will slow the speed of light, thus buffering it on a silicon chip. This is an important step towards using light signals instead of electrical for moving data on computer chips. While there is still a number of things that need to be figured out, this innovation could lead to much faster computers! Source: DailyTech, IBM

STS-116 Flight Day 2

Here are some panoramic images of the Space Shuttle’s Wings and Nose Cone by Avron at, a publicly available website. They were done by taking screen grabs from NASA TV....