Hipster + Yuppie = Hippie Labels are so like yesterday, man. Thought of this today. It is an interesting redefinition of what it means to be a modern day Hippie. Do you think it describes the group of people who used to be part of the modern day counterculture movement and are now having to shoulder responsibility as they grow older? Hipstersism didn’t or hasn’t really taken off like the counterculture movement of the 60′s thou. Maybe it isn’t really a fair reinterpretation of the word. I liked this post a week ago. In a time when a constant flow of information is the norm. People can’t be expected to be on top of all the ‘news’ all the time. There will be that week when you miss the latest meme or that status...

Estimating Web Development Projects

Here is a video from Drupal Camp Austin 2010 that I found really interesting, both when he gave the talk but also again recently. It is extremely helpful with my work these days. So posting it here. It is about getting early estimates right when doing Web Development, but in particular for Drupal Projects.

Top PHP User Groups In the World

Boston PHP The SF Meetup Group The Los Angeles PHP Developers Group PHP London AustinPHP Group Seattle PHP Meetup Group Dallas PHP Bangalore PHP Users New York PHP Meetup Group Atlanta PHP User Group Austin is still number #5!! I got this info from the meetup page that tracks all the php related groups. A lot of the groups that show up on the list aren’t true PHP user groups, so I had to weed these out. This list is based on the size of the groups off of their meetup pages.

This is Jenkins

Jenkins is awesome.

AustinPHP Logo

I made this logo for the intro of the PHP group techvideos, but I think it makes a pretty good new logo. This is the one that I would like to get on shirts. Hopefully our recruiter will come thru!