Hipster + Yuppie = Hippie

Labels are so like yesterday, man.

Thought of this today. It is an interesting redefinition of what it means to be a modern day Hippie. Do you think it describes the group of people who used to be part of the modern day counterculture movement and are now having to shoulder responsibility as they grow older?

Hipstersism didn’t or hasn’t really taken off like the counterculture movement of the 60′s thou. Maybe it isn’t really a fair reinterpretation of the word.

I liked this post a week ago.

In a time when a constant flow of information is the norm. People can’t be expected to be on top of all the ‘news’ all the time. There will be that week when you miss the latest meme or that status update from a acquaintance that you all your friends read and liked.

Perhaps in this information age, people are unintentional Hippies at some point or another; because they happened to be more caught up on a particular subject than one of their friends. Something fun to think about.