Top PHP User Groups In the World


  1. The SF Meetup Group
  2. The Los Angeles PHP Developers Group
  3. PHP London
  4. AustinPHP Group
  5. Seattle PHP Meetup Group
  6. Dallas PHP
  7. Bangalore PHP Users
  8. New York PHP Meetup Group
  9. Atlanta PHP User Group

Austin is still number #5!! I got this info from the meetup page that tracks all the php related groups. A lot of the groups that show up on the list aren’t true PHP user groups, so I had to weed these out. This list is based on the size of the groups off of their meetup pages.

  • Sahl

    That’s cool, Logan.  Congratulations.

  • Derak Kilgo

    I always look for the local group when we travel but the dates don’t line up. I’d be curious if we have any travelers visiting the meetup. Hopefully we’ll see another meeting with 30+ people attending on the new night.

    • llbbl

      We had someone from Milwaukee plan his trip around the last meeting. He runs a web group up there.