Techvideos Will Be WordPress To Start

As soon as I get the desk delivered I can work on austintechvideos again. My laptop isn’t quite setup and I don’t have the room I need at the moment to do the work. I am thinking that the site will initially be a WordPress site, just because I can deploy a new WP site in little to no time. This will make adding new content easier.

Long term thou I am thinking of moving to a framework. Probably something forked from the CRUD applications we are doing at the PHP Meetups. I think that a custom built site will allow me to tweak it and build in some really cool functionality that will allow the project to expand. Not that I couldn’t do it all with WordPress, but this will be easier, and I will have to worry less about security if I build it myself.

I told Lynn that I was going to make the tech videos into wordpress before I moved, but that didnt’ end up happing because I was too busy with pre-move stuff. Oh well. I should be able to get the new site deployed in the next week or so. Speaking of which I should go measure my office area for the new desk.