10 reasons why George W. Bush is a bad president


  1. He’s stupid. He can’t talk and is not a good leader. He’s not a role model anyone can look up to. He does not inspire confidence that he is doing a good job or the right thing. Morons and idiots should be barred from public office because they are not able to handle complex tasks such as running the most powerful nation in the world.
  2. He has strong ties to Oil and Gas companies, who think the best solution for becoming less dependant on Foriegn Oil is to invade other countries, spend hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of American lives in a foolhardy task, rather than make a serious investment in next generation fuels.
  3. His enviromental policy sucks. He thinks drilling in Alaska Artic preserve is ok. He thinks less restrictions on pollution is ok. He has made no effort to address the Kyoto treaty.
  4. He vacations alot, which means he is lazy. He expects other people to the job for him. He always looks to blame other people for his mistakes. (Hurricane Katrina)
  5. He is openly Christian and ties his religion too much to his politics. The USA is about equal representation and diversity. We need to work VERY hard on making people other religions feel like they are welcome in our culture. 9/11 and the backlash by anti-western fundamentalists is proof of this. Occupying another nation is NOT the best way to do this.
  6. DMCA and the Patriot Act were responsible for the loss of personal freedoms resulting in corporate America and the federal government perscuting the American people unjustly.
  7. Very, very bad economic policy resulting in a drastic rise of national debt. Privatizing Social Security is a really bad idea. http://zfacts.com/p/318.html
  8. Other countries do not respect him. He is a poor representation of the quality of people who should be leading this nation.
  9. Finially, I think he is a horrible president because he starts things but doesn’t finish them (Afganistan/Bin Laden) and also he makes bad decisions and doesn’t admit to them (Iraq).
  • conservative

    How about you back up your statements with cause and effect explanations? You could be right, but I have no inclination to listen to this because it’s little more than rant. I fully disagree with every statement on this page.

  • Afds

    obama is helping this nation. duh

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  • Just Me

    # 1. This is not even a reason. How can a reason for him being a bad president be that he should have never been elected.
    #2. This is the most incoherent point you have made. I can’t understand what you’re trying to say. Your sentences are all over the place, and you don’t stay on topic. You made like 5 (baseless) arguments instead of sticking to one.
    #9. Not only is this vague and has no proof, but how is this a good reason ? I don’t respect you, therefore you shouldn’t be president?

    Your article isn’t worth reading. However, with actual evidence and sources, it can go from a worthless article (rant) to something worth reading.

  • Morlette Adame

    HILLARY CLINTON was the solution. ONCE again you voted for the wrong person!! Just because he was charming and humble?? DONT YOU REMEMBER the way this country was when CLINTON was in Presidency???? We would have had TWO experienced people running the country right now!! WHY?? WHY?? AND why???

    • Serendipity776

      Because the Clintons are conservatives. They are little better than the Republicans.

  • Republican

    Bush was a good president. If Barack Obama wasn’t black, he wouldn’t have became president. (Don’t start raging me because I typed Black and not African Amercian. Its annoying as hell.)

  • Jklol


  • http://truthstings.com Truth Stings

    If you look at this now. If you replace George W Bush with Barrack H Obama in you title, you couldn’t really tell the difference. People still think there is a major difference between Reps and Dems. Ignorant fools who still believe in the religion of political parties or affiliations.

  • Kmacfamily

    First number one. Wat should we choose free health care or free of debt. Think about it free health care for seniors and others would be nice,but here are problems. Number tax payers money(American People) are paying for this. when we should be free of debt. Because if we o to much money there will be no America left.which means there be no free health care nor other programs by the goverment etc. So our main objective that we need to get on right now is DEBT. Yes these things are nice but some people are taking advantage of these programs too. Which means we need to be carefull who we give this (help) to. Which me as a Rebuplican is a bunch of lazy people (some) who don’t want to work hard in there lives. Some of these programs ok and some just an excuse. Like the no bullying groups. You know how we dealled with other kids back them. We’d tell the teacher or take care of it our seleves. Anyway debt is our biggest problem. Hows major  to solve lower taxis,oil,creates jobs,get American industerys to get back up on there feet and start making money and create balence between taxis and debt. In my opinion.

  • Kmacfamily

    Heres somthing abotu obama and his crew. saying al this shit about bushes crew. when really youre the whose beating around the bush.get the facts rightdog its not that hard,  so dont com crying to me when election day comes around when you just got schooled literally for 2. so after all that did it really pay off? cause bush was to show it not talk about when really its all youre faughlt

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Krenzke/1477082955 Kevin Krenzke

    And know the next game fro his party as they ge the nod in 2010 in the leadership of the house of representitives in congress, tell the leadership lay down and fall aslepp after lieing to the people that if they elected republicans and tea party reps, that firs thing in would be jobs bills  very first day, they all lied and layed down to do nothing all in a plan to make President Obama look like a bad president.
      Obama  has presented many plans to congress, but they have not even gone to committee planned by Boehner and hs picked  majority leaders. they all are doing what they are told to by the richest people in this nation that hate by politics and race. prive me wrong!

  • Zwzmoney

    Saying that he is stupid and cant talk is very ironic. The author of this article is probably a liberal.saying that he is stupid because of his speech is discrimination and that is a big no no in the big book of liberal practices. So basically you are making yourself look stupid.

  • Gayuopxboi10

    Learn to spell.

  • Chelsea_smith1995

    republican, your ignorant. that is all.

  • Chelsea_smith1995

    Honestly, all that needs to be said is the fact that Osama Bin Laden was found during Obamas presidency within the first term, and it took bush both and he was still never found.

  • Sarah2buy100

    You can’t predict what would have happened if Bush stayed…I love how you blow over the fact that the debt of these 2 wars caused us problem. You know what we do when terrorist blow up 2 buildings and kill people? We search for the person responsible…Osama Bin Laden  who was in Afganistan NOT Iraq…It didn’t take a full out war in 2 countries to find him..IN fact it took a group of amazing soldiers to find him and bring him to justice…There is good and bad in every president we’ve ever had…I would like to see more good talked about with Obama…not just the bad. 

  • bernard

    bush was much better than clinton

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Todd-Howes/513631806 Todd Howes

    Thats only 9 reasons. According to number 9 you suggest that people who can’t finish things are bad….So does that make you bad?

  • Nobama

    I’ve never read a more idiotic passage.